The Old Hochatown

Hochatown is a growing community located in the Southeast Region of Oklahoma. The "Original" Hochatown was located where, the present day, Broken Bow Lake resides. The area was originally owned by the Choctaw Tribe, with approximately 12 families, living on the land. Around  1900, the Choctaw Lumber and Coal Company moved into the area, and established

a lumber camp. After the prime

timberwas cut in the 1930's, the

camp was moved to other areas.

Farmers moved into the area, making

use of the partially cleared land.

In 1894, a general store, school, and

post office was established. During

thistime, the area became known forits "Moonshine Whiskey," making it the"Moonshine Capitol of Oklahoma!" As a result of the Flood Control Act of 1958, families began to move to higher ground, and the post office closed it's doors in 1963. With the building of the dam, the cemetery and The Old White Church were moved to higher ground and now sits on the edge of present day Hwy259, in front of the Hochatown Cemetery (still present). The last family left in 1966 and the Broken Bow Lake was filled in April of 1970.