Rental Policies

Hochatown Descendant
Cabin Rentals, LLC Renter Policies

Minimum Stays

     There is a 2 night minimum stay on all reservations and a 3 night minimum stay during all major holidays and Spring Breaks. 1 night stays are considered on a case-by-case basis ONLY. There will be an additional charge of $55 on all pre-approved 1 night stays.



     A valid credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) must accompany all reservations. A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $50 per rental night will be processed on all reservations. (Example-2 night stays=$100 deposit; 3 night stays=$150 deposit) All deposits will be applied towards the total balance. The remaining balance will be processed 2 weeks prior to arrival date/30 days prior to holiday and Spring Breaks weeks arrival date.





     The nightly rates are based on the number of people the cabin sleeps comfortably. The absolute maximum number of total people  allowed at each cabin is 2 people ONLY over the number the cabin sleeps comfortably, listed on the website. This includes all children. Our cabins are only equipped to service this number of people safely. There will be a $15 per person, per night charge that applies for up to 2 extra people only. Any additional extra people are not allowed to stay in the cabin. Failure to comply could result in an eviction with NO REFUND.


     All cancellations must be made personally by telephone. You MUST receive a cancellation conformation e-mail to consider your reservation cancelled. The non-refundable deposit of $50 per rental night will apply on all reservations. We can not control the weather therefore weather conditions DO NOT constitute an exception to the cancellation policies. If you cancel before 14 days prior to your arrival date/30 days prior to holiday stays, you will only forfeit your deposit. Cancellations within 8-14 days prior to your arrival date are required to pay for a 1 night stay, including the deposit. Cancellations within 0-7 days prior to your arrival date will be charged for the entire stay.





     Can't wait to check into your

luxurious cabin? Check-in time is no earlier

than 3:00 p.m. This gives the cleaners plenty of time to

make sure everything is clean properly for your stay. You

may check-in anytime after 3:00 p.m. Early check in MUST be





     All good things must come to an end! Check-out time is no later than 11:00 a.m. Please DO NOT leave any dirty dishes behind. All dishes must be cleaned and put away/or loaded into the dishwasher and started. Remove all food from the pantry and refrigerator. Start a load of towels/or linens using Laundry Detergent, fabric softener, and hot water. Lock all windows and doors and leave the door key safely secured inside the lock box with code scrambled. Failure to adhere to the 11:00a.m. check-out time may result in and additional charge of $35 per hour past check-out time.





     Your fur babies want to come along? No problem! A non-refundable pet fee of $25 per reservation will apply on ALL reservations which include pets. No more then 2 pets per cabin are allowed. Please Do

Not allow your pets to be on any

furniture, beds, or in the hot tub. All

pets must be crated if left alone, at

any time, in the cabin. We must

remember that some have pet 

allergies, therefore failure to comply

with a cabins "NO Pet" policy, WILL

result in a charge of $100 per rental

night. Excessive pet hair or pet urine

will result in a $75 cleaning charge billed to your credit card on file. Scratch marks, and/or damages, will be repaired and applied to your credit card. NO EXCEPTIONS.





     All cabins are Non-Smoking cabins. Please DO NOT throw cigarette butts on the ground.  Use the outside ashtrays at all times. Make sure ALL cigarette butts are in the trash upon departure.

If the cabin smells of cigarette smoke after your departure, an additional cleaning fee of $100 Will be charged to your credit card on file. NO EXCEPTIONS!




Quiet Hours

     Shooting firearms or fireworks is not allowed on cabin properties. Outside loud music is prohibited at all times. Quiet hours begin at 11p.m. all nights for all cabins.




RV Parking and Tent Camping

     These activities are not allowed on the cabin property. Children's pop up play tents are acceptable.




ATV Riding

     4-wheelers are not allowed on cabin properties nor legal to drive on the county roads. ATV Riding is available in certain areas. You will enjoy seeing scenic views and a possible glimpse of the wildlife! Visit for more information.


      We all know how adorable some wildlife can be, but please do not touch or pet the wildlife. Animals in the wild can be unpredictable at times. Keep in mind, it may seem as though some adolescent animals may be unaccompanied by their mother, but it is normally not the case. Touching any adolescent animals will result in them being orphaned. Nature has many critters and insects. Please bring all proper insect repellent and watch for any critters. Hochatown Descendent Cabin Rentals, LLC is not liable for any bits, stings, or injuries.




Hot Tubs

     All Hot Tubs are drained and cleaned after each guest visit. PLEASE DO NOT allow anyone, including children, to sit or stand on the hot tub cover. It will break easily. Replacement cost for hot tub covers is $400. Children must be supervised at all times while they are using the hot tub. Please shower before entering the hot tub. We want everyone to enjoy the hot tubs.





Internet/T.V. Services:

      Please keep in mind that although many of our properties do have internet/Wi-Fi and T.V. services, Hochatown Descendent Cabin Rentals, LLC is not responsible for internet or T.V. services at any cabin. Wi-Fi is provided as a luxury only and is not essential to the lease. No Refund shall be given for lack of service, outages, or lack of content.


     Damaged, or missing items, WILL be billed to your credit card. All cabins are surveyed prior to check-in, and right after check-out. Re-arranging of furniture can cause damage, therefore, Please DO NOT move any of the furniture. Moving of any cabin furniture could result in damages.




Lost Items

     Oops... Something was left behind! NO worries! If requested, we will ship all items found left behind. A $15 handling fee, plus shipping cost will apply. Items found will be held for 14 days after check-out date. If not claimed within 14 days from your check-out date, then items will be disposed of.




Privacy Policy

     We respect and are committed to protecting our customers privacy. We may collect personal identifiable information when you visit our site. We may send you a special offer on cabin rentals up to 5 times per year. We will NOT sell or give your personal identifiable information to anyone.




     All outdoor activities involve certain inherent risk of injury up to an including death. It is expressly understood and agreed that neither the owner of said promises nor Hochatown Descendant Cabin Rentals, LLC, shall be liable for any damages or injury to guest, guest's guest or their families or to any of their property from whatever cause arising from the occupancy or use of the premises or amenities by guest and their family and guest.

We hope, with these policies, your stay with us meets all your expectations. We ensure your reservations are handled promptly and properly, and our quality of service remains our highest priority! We hope you enjoy our neck of the woods and get to see the beauty this little town has to offer!